Ray Peat on biotin

Importance of Biotin in Nervous System Fat Synthesis

"Biotin is involved in the synthesis of fats in the nervous system, and so should probably be given special attention in the MS diet."

- Nutrition For Women


Treating Lactic Acid Excess with Glycolysis Inhibition

"Heart failure, shock, and other problems involving excess lactic acid can be treated successfully by poisoning glycolysis with dichloroacetic acid, reducing the production of lactic acid, increasing the oxidation of glucose, and increasing cellular ATP concentration: Thyroid, vitamin B1, biotin, etc., do the same."

- 2000 - July


Non-Toxic Therapies for Lactic Acidosis Treatment

"Therapeutically, even powerful toxins that block the glycolytic enzymes can improve functions in a varety of organic disturbances associated with (caused by) excessive production of lactic acid. Unfortunately, the toxin that has become standard treatment for lactic acidosis--dichloroacetic acid--is a carcinogen, and eventually produces liver damage and acidosis But several nontoxic therapies can do the same things: Palmitate (formed from sugar under the influence of thyroid hormone, and found in coconut oil), vitamin Bl, biotin, lipoic acid, carbon dioxide, thyroid, naloxone, acetazolamide, for example."

- 2000 - July (1)